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Property is the biggest investment most Canadians make in their lifetime. Often it is also the most profitable. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, income property or acreage in Thunder Bay District, contact Larson Lawyers now for assistance. You can call us at 807-285-7777.

Did You Know? You can text directly with a Larson Lawyers staff member by clicking on the sticky chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. During working hours our response times are usually around 5 minutes.

For Sale By Owner Private Real Estate Transactions are possible with Larson Lawyers In Thunder Bay District
 Thunder Bay Real Estate Transactions Made Easy By Larson Lawyers

At Larson Lawyers we understand that Thunder Bay district is huge, and you may not be able to make it to our office in the City of Thunder Bay. That is why we do house calls, hospital visits, virtual consultations and signings. If you are confined to a bed or a camp out in the country, we will make it work. When you choose Larson Lawyers to transfer property in the Thunder Bay District you get peace of mind and no hassles. We can even communicate with your real estate agent, if you have one.


Can I Transfer My Home To A Family Member As A Gift?

Larson Lawyers regularly conducts gift transfers between family members in the Thunder Bay District. To qualify for this type of transfer there are many requirements, such as owning the house without a mortgage. There are also important tax implications to consider when gifting properties that will require professional help from a lawyer to assess. If you are interested in transferring ownership of a property to a family member, please  call us at 807-285-7777.


How Do I Make A Private Offer On A House For Sale By Owner In Thunder Bay District?

To make an offer you will need to have one drafted by a legal professional at Larson Lawyers. Offers are complicated with very special requirements, they require professional drafting. If you have found a property for sale on Ifind, ThunderBayHouses, PropertyGuys Or Kijiji reach out to one of our real estate team members now. You do not need an agent to buy or sell a property in Thunder Bay District of Ontario. Many people now choose to transact privately in this region. 

Larson Lawyers Real Estate Team

Rene Larson Of Larson Lawyers Does Hospital Visits and House Calls For Wills & Powers Of Attorney

Rene Larson

H.B.A., J.D.

Kady Stachiw Does House Calls In Thunder Bay Region For Wills & Powers Of Attorney

Kady Stachiw

H.B.Comm, J.D.

Olivia Pietrangelo Does House Calls For Wills & Estates & POA

Olivia Pietrangelo 

HBSc., J.D.

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