Why Are There 20% More Out Of Town Buyers?
  • Detached Houses Starting From ~$140,000 Inside The City
  • Low Property Taxes, Under $1,000 Yearly On Some Properties In The District
  • Higher Standard Of Living On The Same Wage When Working From Home
  • World Class Education System From Kindergarten To PHD In Town
  • Easy Access To Nature, Hiking & Camping Free On Crown Lands In District
  • All Major Brands Available In City, Countryside Offers Small Town Vibes
  • Economical & Personalized Services From Dedicated Small Businesses 

“I think we are seeing at least 20% more people from outside the Thunder Bay District buying real estate here since 2019.” – Olivia Pietrangelo, Lawyer

Olivia At Larson Lawyers Thinks There Are About 20% more people buying houses in Thunder Bay & thinking about moving here

More people work from home for their job than ever before. Remote work is now normal in many industries. People are changing their lifestyles as a result of their new found occupational freedom. Some are moving and investing further away from Toronto than ever before. 

Those choosing to relocate are searching for higher standards of living, lower housing prices, privacy & security. Olivia herself could be seen as part of that long term trend. Originally from the GTA, Olivia came here to attend Law School. After a few years she decided to stay to buy a home, and now lives in Nolalu. 

Thunder Bay has an excellent educational system for children & teens, which feeds the local post-secondary schools: Lakehead University, Confederation College & The Northern Ontario School Of Medicine.

With great real estate value and a world class local educational system from Kindergarten to Professional Certification, Thunder Bay is a great place to raise a family. It is no wonder there are more out of town real estate buyers in the Thunder Bay market.

Larson Lawyers Can Help You Write A Private Offer On Houses For Sale In Thunder Bay Ontario District

Moving To A Low Property Tax District With Great Real Estate Value For First Time Home Buyers

In April 2022 it is still possible to find a small detached home for sale in a middle class family neighborhood in the city listed for $134,000 on Realtor.ca. The tax rate inside the City of Thunder Bay on residences is ~1.59%

Outside of the city, in the District of Thunder Bay some people pay less than $1000 property tax per year on a house with 25 acres. That is economical living for somebody working from home 100% remote. Many people see Thunder Bay Real Estate as a great investment because of how low the carrying costs are. 

Expect The Best Of Living In The City Or The Countryside, Without Any Hassles In Thunder Bay

Choosing to live in Toronto or the GTA makes it difficult to get to experience hiking, camping, hunting or fishing for free on crown lands. Living too far outside of a city risks being unable to get supplies in an emergency or go see a movie when you want to.

Living near the outskirts of The City Of Thunder Bay is a great option for people who want the best of both worlds. If you want to physically go to big branded stores, restaurants and events, but still want access to Canada’s vast natural resources and beauty, Thunder Bay is the place for you.

Larson Lawyers Can Help You With A Real Estate Purchase Or Sale Anywhere In The Thunder Bay District

The countryside of Thunder Bay District is your opportunity to live in a tight knit community with small town vibes that has access to all the big branded stores you rely on. 

Get Personalized Professional Services From Small Locally Owned Businesses That Treat Customers Better

When you choose a locally owned professional corporation to do things like draft a will or buy a home, you get personalized service from someone who knows your name and cares about your story. That is what we promise you will get when you call Larson Lawyers for your real estate or estate planning needs. 

Our founder Rene Larson has practiced law for almost 50 years & Larson Lawyers proudly continues his legacy of serving the Thunder Bay District, and out of town real estate buyers.

After you call us we will get to know your financial situation and family better. Next we will learn more about the issues you are facing. Then we will structure a plan to deal with the issue in the most efficient and economical way possible. Finally, we guarantee that we will do our best to make the process as painless for you as we can.

If you are dealing with something important like buying a home, you need help you can rely on. When you call your Lawyer from Larson Lawyers they will know your name, and remember your problems. We set timelines, keep clients informed, and get results. 

When buying property or moving to Thunder Bay Ontario, give Larson Lawyers a call for a consultation about your options at 807-285-7777. 

Larson Lawyers Promises You Will Get Personalized Service From A Lawyer Who Knows Your Issues And Cares About Resolving Them Quickly.