Here are 5 WSIB facts your lawyer or paralegal advisor wants you to know before you come to their office.

1. Get Medical Help Fast: Document Injuries, Treatments, Costs

When you are injured at work and must seek medical treatment beyond first aid, you, and your employer, need to report it to the WSIB as soon as possible. The same is also true if your injury requires a modified workload or sick leave for 7 days or more.

Either way, go see a doctor and keep all documents and information regarding your diagnosis, treatments and costs incurred out of pocket. Seeking help quickly after an injury and documenting the help you required is important to a legal battle that may be coming later.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately After Your Workplace Injury To Ensure Your WSIB Claim Is As Successful As Possible

2. Report Injuries To WSIB Even If The Boss Says Not To

When your earnings were impacted by a workplace injury it should be reported to the WSIB. It is better to report too much, than to report too little. If your employer says you do not need to report the injury, but you required more than first aid or have had your earnings impacted, you must report the injury.


3. Get A Personal Injury Lawyer or Paralegal Fast

When you have been injured at work and your income is impacted, you must get legal help quickly. Without professional legal advice, you may not make the right decisions, and may not receive the compensation you need to deal with the long-term results of your injury. Worse yet, you may not get the compensation you deserve and are entitled to when you really need it! Our most senior lawyer, Rene Larson, and our Paralegal Candidate, Rae-Ann Rees can effectively handle your WSIB issue.

Report All injuries To WSIB That Result In Lost Wages
4. Tell Your Lawyer The Whole Story

There are many factors that can impact your ability to recover for your sunk costs and disabilities. Some of those factors may seem irrelevant to you, but may be important legally.

Make sure you tell your lawyer the whole story.

5. Don’t Expect Huge Cash Payments Quickly

WSIB will compensate you for non-economic losses, including permanent disabilities resulting from your workplace injury. The process of getting compensated for those losses may be a long one. Every case is different. Some cases may be resolved in as little as a few weeks, others may take much longer to reach a fair final result.

If you are looking for more resources to learn about WSIB claims and workplace injuries, check out WSIB’s guide on What To Do If An Injury Or Illness Happens At Work”. There is also an operational policy book available to the public.

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