4 Things You Need To Know About Small Claims Court In Thunder Bay in 2022

Small claims court is serious business. Here are the things Larson Lawyers wants you to know about your legal dispute.


1. It is not a good idea to represent yourself

Yes, you can self-rep. However, normally this is not a good idea. Court processes are very complicated, and there are important rules you must follow that you may not be aware of. For instance, if you do not start a claim, or respond with a defence to a claim within specific timelines, you may lose the opportunity to sue or defend at all!


2. Small Claims Court is a last resort

We have covered in greater detail some of the reasons why going to court can be a dangerous proposition in a previous blog. The basic idea is that you should negotiate a resolution everyone can live with since court can be costly. This is particularly true if you lose the case. 


3. Any amount up to $35,000 is a small claim

A totaled car or serious damage to a home may seem like a ‘large claim’, but it may not be legally. If your damages do not exceed $35,000, your claim would proceed in small claims court.

$35,000 Is Still A Small Claim
4. Paralegals can assist with small claims for lower fees

 Lawyers can get expensive quickly, especially when the claim is a small one. Lawyers often charge tens of thousands of dollars for matters that require court appearances. A paralegal, or paralegal candidate like Rae-Ann Rees at Larson Lawyers, can do the work and appearances at a significantly lower cost. 


How Larson Lawyers Can Help You

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