Get Legal Help With Your Landlord Tenant Board Dispute From Larson Lawyers In Thunder Bay

Did you know all rental units and rent agreements in Ontario must follow the same basic rules?  Also, most disputes are settled at the Landlord Tenant Board.

The Residential Tenancies Act sets the Rules and Guidelines at the Landlord Tenant Board.  The board follows those rules when dealing with disputes. Typical disputes relate to evictions, rent increases or reductions, overcrowding, and bad faith. 

Navigating this process is confusing and frustrating for both landlords and tenants. After The Board starts talking about a finding of bad faith, it can become scary too! When The Board becomes convinced the dispute was brought to them out of spite, with no basis in fact, they can levy hefty fines. You don’t want to represent yourself, do the whole process wrong, and accidentally convince The Board you acted out of malice. Get a legal professional to represent you before the process even begins. 

Making an application, or responding to one, is a complex process that has high stakes. These disputes involve an individual’s home, or source of income. There is a lot of emotion involved with this area of law. With such high stakes & even higher emotions impacting their judgement, most people will benefit from retaining a legal professional.

Larson Lawyers Thunder Bay Can Help With Your Landlord Tenant Board Dispute For Evictions,, Rent increases or decreases, overcrowding and bad faith notices.

Why You Need Legal Help With Your Dispute

Both landlords and tenants benefit from legal advice and representation. There are very specific rules and procedures to follow in advance of a hearing date, eviction, or order by the Board. You will not be aware of these obscure but important facts on your own. Your advisor will make sure you stay on track.

Currently, people filing within the Board can expect to wait in excess of five months for a hearing date. It is best to be prepared by hiring a legal representative to avoid adjournments of these hearings. 

Eviction Is Life Changing

Eviction is not something the Landlord and Tenant Board takes lightly. It is in everyone’s best interest, whether they are a landlord or a tenant, to seek out legal assistance and representation.  Your legal advisor will ensure you follow the processes and timelines stipulated by the Landlord Tenant Board so the dispute is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


Get Help At The Landlord Tenant Board In Thunder Bay

At Larson Lawyers, we have the benefit of our Paralegal Candidate, Rae-Ann Rees, who can help assist with Landlord and Tenant issues for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. Paralegals learn the specific intricacies of the Landlord and Tenant Board during their course of education. This is an area of law that Rae-Ann enjoys and would love to help assist either landlord or tenant to get effective results surrounding their tenancy issues.

When you call Larson Lawyers for a consultation the first thing Rae-Ann will do is get to know you. Next she will ask you about your landlord tenant board dispute. Then you will strategize about how to best accomplish your legal goals. Finally if you choose to retain her, she will file whatever paperwork is necessary & see your dispute through to the end with a smile. 

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