Help my landlord is looking to evict me

Facing Eviction In Thunder Bay Ontario

If your landlord wants to evict, you need to get proactive. To start, you should seek professional legal advisors who can tell you what to do. They will be able to help assert your legal rights on your behalf.

Most tenants are not knowledgeable about their legal rights and have lots of questions. A landlord cannot simply tell you they want to evict and force the tenant to move. A process must be followed within the Landlord and Tenant Board to be legal.

How To Evict: Eviction Processes Explained

The following is the series of events required for your landlord to legally evict you.

First, your landlord needs to serve you a notice from the Landlord and Tenant Board(N4 – N13). This notice specifies how you can rectify the situation. It will also give their reason for wanting the eviction. If you are able to correct the situation, the landlord may choose not to proceed with the eviction process. In some cases, a second notice will be given by the landlord if the situation continues. 

If you wish to dispute the notice and the reasons for eviction, you do not need to vacate the premises. The Landlord will next need to submit an Application to the Landlord and Tenant Board to proceed to a hearing. Once a hearing date is secured, notice of the Hearing date will be provided to both the landlord and the tenant.

Landlord Tenant Board Hearings In Thunder Bay

These hearings are completed remotely by ZOOM. Hearings within the Landlord and Tenant Board are no longer conducted in person. If you are not technologically capable, then it is even more important that you have good legal representation. Otherwise your lack of skill using zoom could impact your case.

During the hearing, the adjudicator hears both sides of the argument and takes careful consideration of each side’s position when making a decision. 

After the hearing, the adjudicator will usually will take some time to think about the situation and then provide their decision in writing. If the Landlord and Tenant Board decides to evict, the landlord will then need to engage the services of the Sheriff. Finally, the Sheriff will enforce the eviction and remove the tenant from the premises. 

I Need Help- My Landlord Is Looking To Evict Me

It is very important to hire someone knowledgeable within the Landlord and Tenant Board and the Residential Tenancies Act . At Larson Lawyers, we have our Paralegal Candidate, Rae-Ann Rees, who thrives in Landlord and Tenant issues and will work hard to assert your legal position.

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