Lydia Leroux, Lawyer at Larson Lawyers does family law.

Local ties run deep at Larson Lawyers. Meet Lydia Leroux, our newest associate lawyer, who practices family law, wills & estates.

Lydia was born and raised in Pass Lake. Her family owns an amythist mine and gift shop in Thunder Bay District. She attained her HBA at Lakehead University, and while Lydia was preparing for her professional education she worked at Larson Lawyers in a support staff position. 

Lydia then left Thunder Bay to attend law school at Queens University. Larson Lawyers is proud to announce that she has come back home to practice family law, wills and real estate in Thunder Bay as a licensed lawyer.

Lydia wants to make a difference in her community, and assist the people of Thunder Bay with their problems. 

Contact Lydia Leroux For Your Family Law, Real Estate Or Wills Needs

 Lydia Leroux is accepting new clients now in the practice areas of family law, real estate & wills. If you need legal advice in one of those areas, give Lydia a call 807-285-7777. 

When you retain Larson Lawyers, you can be sure that your advisor will know your name and remember your issue. They will be dedicated to helping you. We treat people like individuals here. We know you have your own story, needs, and dreams. At Larson Lawyers in Thunder Bay, we are help people achieve goals in the areas of family law, real estate, business or estate planning every day. 

Practice Areas: family law, corporate, employment, real estate wills & estates