Larson Lawyers has a new practice area thanks to our associate Lydia Leroux She now practices family law in Thunder Bay. In her opinion, out of court settlements are the way to go in most instances.

“Court can be emotionally draining and expensive. It also creates a mindset of “winners and losers” which is not helpful when a family form is changing. This is especially true when there are children involved. My practice focuses on out of court solutions.  This allows for more negotiation between the parties. It is often also more cost effective than a long drawn-out court battle.”

Creative Solutions For Disputes: Family Law In Thunder Bay

With the help of legal advisors, you may be able to negotiate everything that needs to be dealt with. This includes parenting time, child and spousal support, residential buyouts and more.

Separation and Divorce in Ontario

Separation and Divorce are not the same thing. Only married people can get a divorce. Divorce is a legal proclamation that the relationship is over and the parties are free to marry someone else. Sometimes, for personal or religious reasons, a married couple will choose to enter into a Separation Agreement and never file for divorce. Common law spouses cannot get a “divorce”. They can however, enter into a Separation Agreement to resolve outstanding issues. This allows them to have a fresh start. 

Uncontested Divorce Thunder Bay

It is important to note that common-law spouses do not have the same property rights as married people. The Family Law Act attempts to ensure that the parties may “share the wealth” of the marriage equally upon divorce. When a common-law couple split up, there is no property regime to protect the former spouses. If a common law spouse wants to make a claim for property, they must make a trust argument.  This would be difficult, time consuming and expensive to litigate. 

Having a Marriage Contract (often called a “pre-nup”) or Cohabitation Agreement is a great way to protect your interests. This is most important if you are planning on buying a house with your common law partner, or you want to ensure that your individual wealth does not become “family property” if you get a divorce. Many of us do not think about these things when we are newly in love. That said,  Lydia would suggest it is best to “hope for the best, but plan for worst” when you are in a romantic relationship.

Uncontested Divorce In Thunder Bay

If you are looking for advice about family law in Thunder Bay, call Larson Lawyers today and ask for Lydia Leroux. 807-285-7777. 

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