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Small Businesses In Thunder Bay Choose Larson Lawyers. Rene Larson knows everyone in the community as a result of four terms as Councillor of the City of Thunder Bay, and practicing law for almost 50 years. If you need something done for your business in Thunder Bay District, contact Rene now by text through the popup chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Restructure Corporate Assets Or Shares In Thunder Bay District

North Western Ontario is a fantastic place for investment and corporate expansion. There are natural resources of all kinds, world class infrastructure and a solid workforce. As a result, major companies in Forestry, Mining, Machining, Transportation and more all have an important foothold in this community. 

More franchises set up a service location here every year because of the great financial opportunities serving the workers at the natural resource based jobs. Finally, Thunder Bay District has a growing population which is an indicator of continued potential for growth into the future. All of these factors make North Western Ontario a great place to invest. 

Reach out now if you have a large business transaction where shares or assets are being transferred. If you do not get professional advice from a top quality corporate lawyer like Rene, you could be financially hurt by your decision. Ensure you understand the agreements you sign, and fulfill them on time.

Restructure Your Business In Thunder Bay Ontario with Rene Larson, Corporate Lawyer
Why Buy Or Sell Small Business Shares & Corporate Assets? 
  • Elderly people often sell shares in their business to retire immediately, or to start winding down the corporation over time
  • Entrepreneurs sometimes buy shares in existing companies, or their assets, because it is harder to generate revenue organically than to purchase existing cashflow

Buying a business is not easy or fast. Purchasing shares of a small business or moving large assets is a significant task that requires due diligence and coordination by multiple professionals. Contact Larson Lawyers now to start moving on your small business transfers.

Did you know? 90% of businesses listed for sale never sell according to Forbes, and as a result there are many entrepreneurs who never get to retire fully. There are many reasons for that statistic, but one of them is definitely unrealistic expectations. The first type of unrealistic expectations people have are about the processes that will be undertaken during the transaction. The next important unrealistic expectation people have is the financial returns they have coming to them from the deal. Ensure you are not part of that unfortunate 90% of business deals that never happen. Get the best advice from Larson Lawyers in Thunder Bay now.

When you contact Larson Lawyers the first thing we will do is get to know your business and personal needs. Next we will assess the structure of your business. Finally we will determine the best course of action to ensure that your deal goes through, and you 


Rene Larson, Corporate Lawyer With Almost 5 Decades Of Experience

Rene Larson Does Corporate Restructuring, Asset Sales & Share purchase agreements

Rene Larson

H.B.A., J.D.

Restructuring Assets & Shares In The Larson Lawyers Blog

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