Refinance Your Property Or Get A Mortgage

Property Loans & Refinancing

You will need a lawyer to refinance your home or get a new mortgage except under special circumstances. Please reach out to us now if you are refinancing or renewing. 

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How Does Refinancing, Mortgage Renewal  & Getting A First Mortgage Work?

You may choose to use a Mortgage Broker to find you the best rates across the various companies offering mortgages. Some people may choose to look for themselves. Either way, after you find your new lender, you will then most likely need a lawyer to register the mortgage.

 Mortgages are evaluated based on the terms of the agreement, the mortgage term length, the lifetime of the lending product, the fixed or floating interest rate, and more. Before you make any decisions, you should speak with several professionals to help guide you. 

The life of a mortgage product may run 30 years, but with a term length of 5 years or less most mortgages must be renewed five or more times before they are completed. These are important junctures where you as the mortgage client can renegotiate for better terms. You could also find a new lender with the terms you want. If your financial situation is much worse than it was when you got the mortgage, you could be denied a renewal. Major banks must notify you 21 days or more before your term expires if they do not intend to renew your mortgage.

For a mortgage, renewal, refinancing, or legal help with your denial, please contact us for a consultation now. Call 807-285-7777


Get A Mortgage Registered On Your Property With Larson Lawyers In Thunder Bay

Get House Calls In Thunder Bay From Larson Lawyers.

For your convenience or medical needs, Larson Lawyers do house calls for real estate related matters like consultations, signings, mortgage refinances and more. If you would like us to come to you for your legal services just let us know. 

We also offer virtual legal help to people in remote communities, or who are physically unable to come to our office for various reasons. If you think you need to be served 100% virtually, please reach out. Our office number is: 807-285-7777

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