Apply For A Guardianship Order

Did You Know? It is very simple to text directly with a Larson Lawyers staff member. All you must do is go click that chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. During working hours our response time is generally about 5 minutes. You could also choose to call Larson Lawyers Office in Thunder Bay directly at 807-285-7777.

House Calls, Hospital Visits & Virtual Meetings Available from Larson Lawyers for your Guardianship application. We understand that this is a trying time and you may not be able to leave your loved ones home or hospital bed. We will be there for you both in your time of need and help you get back to normal as fast as we can. Book a consult now.


What Is Guardianship?

When a person is unable to care for themselves and there are no powers of attorney in place it is often required for the court to appoint a guardian. If you want to be a guardian you must apply with a lawyer. In some circumstances it may be required to have both a power of attorney & a guardian.

To learn if you need to make a guardianship application for your loved one in Thunder Bay District please reach out for a consultation today. Your loved ones comfort may depend on you. Get the best advise you can for their wellbeing. Our founder Rene Larson has almost 50 years of experience dealing with guardianship issues, and he mentors all of his staff. Your case will have the benefit of all those years experience if you choose Larson Lawyers today.


Larson Lawyers Can Make Your Application In Thunder Bay District

We are conveniently located near the Thunder Bay courthouse, so we are always willing to work to meet a tight submission deadline. Come to us now, and if there is a chance to help you make the application, we will get it done.

Larson Lawyers Will Do house calls & hospital visits for guardianship applications in Thunder Bay District

Compassionate & Efficient Service At Your Door in Thunder Bay Ontario. We understand this is a difficult time for you. You were not planning to have to care for your relative so soon. We can show you the best ways to deal with your problems as a loved one of someone who has become incapacitated due to injury, illness or old age. You love them dearly and want the best for them, we understand that. Let us take some of that unexpected burden off your back. We are estate professionals who make guardianship applications all the time. This is what we do. Let us help your family today.

Application For Guardianship Order Team

Rene Larson Of Larson Lawyers Does Hospital Visits and House Calls For Guardianship Applications

Rene Larson

H.B.A., J.D.

Kady Stachiw Does House Calls In Thunder Bay Region for guardianship orders and applications

Kady Stachiw

H.B.Comm., J.D.

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