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Real Estate Development & Liens In Thunder Bay Ontario

If you are a new home builder, condominium developer,  or vacant land developer in the Thunder Bay District call us now at 807-285-7777. Our founder Rene has been operating in this industry in the Thunder Bay District for almost 5 decades. We are the firm that local builders trust most. Get the best results at Larson Lawyers.

Developing real estate in Thunder Bay district is very different than elsewhere in the province. In the rural areas of Thunder Bay District the rules and procedures are very different than in the City Of Thunder Bay. Likewise, The City of Thunder Bay has different zonings and requirements than cities in Southern Ontario. It is critical that you must get a local lawyer to work on your real estate development transaction in the Thunder Bay Region. Call Larson Lawyers now to speak with an expert in Thunder Bay.

Get A Lien

If you have been involved in a real estate deal in The District of Thunder Bay Ontario that went badly, or if you have not been paid for construction work that you did, reach out for a consultation. First we will assess your situation, then we will determine the best course of action to ensure you get what you deserve. That could mean we advise you to go to small claims court, but getting a lien could also be on the table. To find out what your options are you have to speak with us soon. This is time sensitive!

Get A Real Estate Development Lawyer On Your Side To Help Build Condos, Residential & commercial real estate in thunder bay ontario. We also remove liens
Become An Entrepreneur Developing Property In Thunder Bay

If you are new to the real estate industry you may be trying to learn about how to become a real estate developer. Book a consultation today and we can discuss all of your real estate related questions. We can tell you when is the right time to incorporate, what the steps will be to develop a given piece of land, and refer you to other professionals you will need to successfully build your real estate business. Larson Lawyers is more than a law firm, we are a pillar of the community with connections to everyone. If you need a project completed in Thunder Bay Ontario, we can find the way forward together.

Why Build A Condo?

Condominiums come in many forms these days, and they can be a great option when space and expenses are limited. They are also perfect for people who do not want the hassle of caretaking for the structure and foundation of their home. If you do not want to shovel snow in the winter but you wish to own property, you are in the market for a condo. Today you can get traditional condos as well as ‘townhome’ style condos in the City of Thunder Bay, precisely because there is a great market for new build condos here. Start building condos with our help, contact one of our real estate development team members.


Remove A Lien On My Property Business In Thunder Bay District

If you have a lien registered against your development, business or property that you need removed call us directly at 807-285-7777. Larson lawyers has experience removing liens in the most painless ways possible. Set up a consultation and see what we can do for you to remove your Lien and put your finances back in order.

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Thunder Bay Real Estate Development & Liens Team

Rene Larson Of Larson Lawyers Removes Liens & Does Real Estate Development In Thunder Bay Ontario

Rene Larson

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Kady Stachiw Does House Calls In Thunder Bay Ontario & works removing liens and helping with property development

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