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What Is That Chat Icon For? The chat icon at the bottom right of your screen is a tool that will let you text directly with a Larson Lawyers staff member. Our average response time during working hours is about 5 minutes using that feature. Please text us now regarding your estate matter.

House Calls, Hospital Visits & Virtual Meetings are available from Larson Lawyers in the Thunder Bay District for estate matters. We understand you may not be able to come out to our office in the City of Thunder Bay. Contact us to learn the details of how we can come to you.


Get Probate & Administer Your Loved One’s Estate In Thunder Bay Ontario

Sometimes entities like a bank or the government may require you as the named executor, to get probate of an estate in Thunder Bay Ontario. This can happen for various reasons, like having lots of cash savings with a bank, or owning real estate in your sole name. If you have been told you require probate to administer an estate, or if you think you might, contact Larson Lawyers now. We specialize in estates and property related matters.

After you contact us we will learn more about you, your situation, the family member who passed on, and then we will identify your next steps. This could include filing paperwork with the court, and possibly even court appearances. This is not something you want to do yourself. Get help from Larson Lawyers now.


Object To Probate Of An Estate In Thunder Bay Ontario

If you are a beneficiary of an estate and you think the executor of that estate will or is engaging in fraud or theft please call the Larson Lawyers team in Thunder Bay Ontario. We are conveniently located near the courthouse, and are there by able to submit documents quickly in time sensitive situations. We must act quickly to see what options are still available to you as a beneficiary to the estate, and identify if there has been any foul play so far. Contact us now to protect yourself from a bad executor. Book a consultation today.

Get Probate For An Estate, Litigate issues between executors & beneficiaries, ask for help administering an estate.
Get Help Administering An Estate From Larson Lawyers In Thunder Bay Ontario

If you have been named as the executor of an estate in a will, you no doubt have questions. Reach out to us for a consultation and we will answer all your questions, next we will outline what you are required to do, then give you a timeline to do it in. If you decide that it sounds too difficult we can assist you with whatever the problem may be. Reach out for details about how we can assist you in the administration of your loved one’s estate in Thunder Bay Ontario.

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