Immigrate To Thunder Bay With RNIP


The Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP) in Thunder Bay enables skilled workers to get permanent residency in as little as 6 months.

The normal time frame for most applicants is 12 -14 months.

RNIP Thunder Bay was put in place by the Canadian Government to facilitate work in the districts many mines, factories, railroads, docks and other infrastructure.

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After getting permanent residency, we can also assist you in bringing your family here.  Many of our clients also eventually apply for Canadian Citizenship. 

This program is available to people from India, Kenya, China and around the world. Canada welcomes everyone who is looking to work hard and contribute to their community for a better life. 

Get Help With Every Step Of Your Move To Canada

When you call Larson Lawyers we will get to know you as a person, and find out your goals. Next we will determine how we can help you achieve those goals through RNIP Thunder Bay.

After that, we will begin taking the steps necessary to get you moved in to Thunder Bay.

Aside from Immigration through RNIP, many people want to buy property and bring their family here.

Bringing over your extended family may take some significant time. Buying property as a non resident may also cost you more. Larson Lawyers experts know all the rules and will be able to make things as painless as possible.



Why Are More People Immigrating To Thunder Bay District With RNIP?

Thunder Bay District has jobs, infrastructure, entertainment, access to pristine wilderness, and affordability. People are able to come here, get a skilled labour job with RNIP Thunder Bay, buy a house save some money and raise a family on the salary they make from their job.

Some people are even more successful. Many start their own businesses after they become citizens and are established in Thunder Bay. Our community is diverse, and we celebrate the cultural differences we all have. There are cultural centres for many different traditions here, with various activities you can be part of. For example, every year the Vedic Cultural Centre puts on a Festival of India.

If you want to start an affordable new life in Thunder Bay as a skilled labourer, call us Toll Free Worldwide at: +1-888-731-4013