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Small Claims Court In Thunder Bay 

Small Claims Court is a big deal for the people who have assets on the line. Thats why people with serious legal matters who are considering a claim need to get legal assistance.

Speaking with a legal professional in a consultation as a first step will ensure you make informed decisions about your problem. If you decide to move forward on your matter with Larson Lawyers, we will next begin assembling evidence and filing paperwork that may be necessary. We will negotiate with the other side, as well as appear in court and advocate on your behalf if needed. 

Choosing to self represent or “going it alone” in a small claims case is not a good idea. Professional legal advice at every step in the process will ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

A legal advisor and representative will also be able to show you the approximate maximum potential judgement against you. There could be fees, taxes and additional judgements against you for things like legal costs of the other side that you are not aware of right now.

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