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Why Get A Will, Powers Of Attorney & Plan Your Estate In Thunder Bay?

Estate Planning is important because you may not like what happens to your family, assets or body if you pass without any planning beforehand. The law has very expensive and old school ways of doing things for people who die without a will or plans. Passing away without a will also increases the likelihood that your family will fight over your estate, which could even cause them to become estranged. At Larson Lawyers we have seen that unfortunate circumstance before.

Do not make your family fight out the details of your estate. Leave them clear instructions which will be held in trust by Larson Lawyers until the time comes that they are needed. Ensure your body is treated the way you want it to be. You need a will and powers of attorney now. Please reach out to Larson Lawyers through the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Get A Will. Get Powers Of Attorney in Thunder Bay District From Larson Lawyers

Estate Planning Requires Wills, Powers Of Attorney & More

Having a will and powers of attorney is only the first step of your overall estate plan. Estate planning involves taxes, family law, business law and real estate and more. Our experienced lawyers will review your assets, debts, family obligations, business ventures and objectives. After that we will help you draw up an estate plan. Your plan will include wills and powers of attorney, and also any other steps necessary to carry out your wishes.

Our team of professionals is here to help you ensure that your final wishes are carried out efficiently. After a loved one has passed away, dealing with the estate can be frustrating and confusing. We have the compassion and experience to take you from the confusing initial stages of an estate, to the conclusion with as little stress on you as possible. We are prepared to help you navigate the trying emotional issues involved with disputing a will, making a claim against an estate or any other litigation and contentious proceedings that may come up.

Wills & Estates Team In Thunder Bay District

Rene Larson Of Larson Lawyers Does Hospital Visits and House Calls For Wills & Powers Of Attorney

Rene Larson

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Kady Stachiw Does House Calls In Thunder Bay Region For Wills & Powers Of Attorney

Kady Stachiw

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Olivia Pietrangelo Does House Calls For Wills & Estates & POA

Olivia Pietrangelo 

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