WSIB Claims In Thunder Bay

Workplace injury claims are complicated. Get legal help with your WSIB claim from Larson Lawyers. Our founder Rene Larson has almost 5 decades of experience as a lawyer, and knows how to deal with WSIB. We also have brilliant paralegal staff who enjoy working on workplace injury claims. This means that we are able to offer access to Rene’s vast knowledge and experience, while charging a more economical rate as our resourceful paralegal staff work the file.

WSIB has its own processes that are distinct from a traditional court. Problems can occur in your matter if you do not have someone knowledgeable guiding your actions.

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Rae-Ann Rees Is Larson Lawyers New Paralegal Advisor Who Helps With Immigration, Taxes, Small Claims, Employment Issues & Workplace Injuries WSIB

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Call us now to book a consultation about your claim in the Thunder Bay District (807) 285-7777. If you are still seriously injured and cannot make it to our office we would be happy to some see you in the hospital or at your home.  

When you meet your legal advisor they will first learn about you as a person. Next they will ask you about your workplace injuries and the circumstances surrounding them. Then we will work together to ensure your WSIB claim is resolved in a positive way, and as smoothly as possible. Finally, we will ensure that your matter has wrapped up, and reach out to talk about your experience with Larson Lawyers. 

It is our mission to make your claim go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. 

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