Provincial And Municipal Offences

When tempted to self represent  in Provincial Offences remember: the other side is a professional Crown Prosecutor.  That Crown is also being supported by a witness police officer in Highway Traffic Act cases.


Small Offences Have Big Impacts

Provincial Offences and highway traffic violations can be very serious. In some instances fines can be $10,000 or jail time. When your freedom is on the line, you deserve affordable legal help.

Thats why Larson Lawyers has hired Paralegal Candidate Rae-Ann Rees. She has years of experience working for law offices. Rae-Ann is working toward her Paralegal license. She is therefore able to provide Thunder Bay with lower cost professional representation.

Get A Paralegal To Argue Your Highway Traffic Act Violation In Provincial Offences Court

Get Legal Representation For Your Provincial And Municipal Offences

If you are overwhelmed representing yourself in court, call Larson Lawyers. The sooner you get representation, the sooner things will be resolved. If you are physically unable to come to our office, we also do house calls and hospital visits.

When you reach out to Rae-Ann at Larson Lawyers, you can be sure you will get the best service in Thunder Bay. First she will learn about you as a person. Next she will ask you about your legal issue, and the events surrounding it. You must be truthful, so that she is prepared for what the other side is planning. After she understands your situation well, she will investigate anything outstanding, and file required paperwork. When it finally comes time to negotiate or argue in court, Rae-Ann will be there for you. You deserve someone in your corner during a provincial or municipal offence proceeding. 


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