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Larson Lawyers Is Dedicated To Thunder Bay. We work hard first to ensure that the people of Thunder Bay understand how the law impacts them. After they understand how the laws work, we offer help dealing with any related problems they may have. Finally we also do pro bono work and community service as may be needed in the City of Thunder Bay. We think it is equally important to focus on offering legal services and providing value for the community.

This blog is also a small part of our commitment to the welfare of our community. From time to time please check back here for updates about the changes to the laws that impact you as a citizen of North Western Ontario.

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Landlord Tenant Board: Eviction, Rent Increases & More

Did you know all rental units and rent agreements in Ontario must follow the same basic rules?  Also, most disputes are settled at the Landlord Tenant Board. The Residential Tenancies Act sets the Rules and Guidelines at the Landlord Tenant Board.  The board follows...

5 WSIB Facts Your Lawyer Wants You To Know

Here are 5 WSIB facts your lawyer or paralegal advisor wants you to know before you come to their office. 1. Get Medical Help Fast: Document Injuries, Treatments, Costs When you are injured at work and must seek medical treatment beyond first aid, you, and your...

What A Paralegal Can Do For You- Save Money On Legal Help

Most people think they need a lawyer to deal with legal issues, and never learn what a paralegal can do for them. This is unfortunate because paralegals can save you lots of money, and still deal with most small issues.  At Larson Lawyers, our new Paralegal Candidate...

Non-Resident Speculation Tax: What You Need To Know

Thanks to the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP), Thunder Bay has more new immigrants moving here than in many years. As a result, the real estate industry here is experiencing a need for growth. Some professionals are not aware of the challenges...

Your Real Estate Lawyer Wants You To Know These 9 Things

This week we continue our series on how real estate transactions work. These are the 9 things your real estate lawyer wants you to know. In our experience, most people have questions about how a real estate transaction works. Hopefully this will answer most of those...

Real Estate Deposit Litigation

Fighting It Out In Court Is A Bloodsport Where No One Wins & Costs Are ProhibitiveWhen a real estate deal falls apart after a deposit is paid there are certain normal procedures that are followed. What happens if things don’t proceed the normal way and there is...

New Service Launch | Immigration | RNIP | Larson Lawyers

Larson Lawyers Expanding Expert Staff & Areas Of Practice To Help People Immigrate  “The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) has brought in an influx of people from outside Canada to Thunder Bay. Many are from Africa, UAE, & India. Newcomers from other...