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This blog is also a small part of our commitment to the welfare of our community. From time to time please check back here for updates about the changes to the laws that impact you as a citizen of North Western Ontario.

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Contracting By Text: The $82,000 Emoji Holds Up In Court

Emojis are common characters sent by text to convey casual messages. Now they are even used when contracting to seal the deal, according to a Canadian court. The court decided that the “thumbs up” emoji sent by a farmer in Saskatchewan was enough to bind him to a...

Common Law Relationships, Marriage & Property Rights

In the past, most Canadians got a marriage license and had children. Today more and more couples are opting to have a common law relationship. According to the 2016 General Social Survey (GSS), over one fifth (21.3%) of all Canadian couples were living common law....

Family Law In Thunder Bay: Larson Lawyers New Practice Area

Larson Lawyers has a new practice area thanks to our associate Lydia Leroux.  She now practices family law in Thunder Bay. In her opinion, out of court settlements are the way to go in most instances. “Court can be emotionally draining and expensive. It also creates a...

Lydia Leroux: Local Ties Run Deep

Local ties run deep at Larson Lawyers. Meet Lydia Leroux, our newest associate lawyer, who practices family law, wills & estates. Lydia was born and raised in Pass Lake. Her family owns an amythist mine and gift shop in Thunder Bay District. She attained her HBA...

Get What You Paid For With A Condo Status Certificate

In 2023, having a lawyer check your Condo Status Certificate is going to be more important than ever! Professionally investigating your certificate ensures you get what you paid for in your deal. Buying a condo only to find out it did not come with a parking spot...

Non-Resident Speculation Tax: What You Need To Know

Thanks to the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP), Thunder Bay has more new immigrants moving here than in many years. As a result, the real estate industry here is experiencing a need for growth. Some professionals are not aware of the challenges...

Your Real Estate Lawyer Wants You To Know These 9 Things

This week we continue our series on how real estate transactions work. These are the 9 things your real estate lawyer wants you to know. In our experience, most people have questions about how a real estate transaction works. Hopefully this will answer most of those...

Real Estate Deposit Litigation

Fighting It Out In Court Is A Bloodsport Where No One Wins & Costs Are ProhibitiveWhen a real estate deal falls apart after a deposit is paid there are certain normal procedures that are followed. What happens if things don’t proceed the normal way and there is...